Location: United Kingdom

What makes Franklin Templeton a great place to work?

FT distinguishes itself by its employees. I’ve worked at several different firms (from investment banks to major asset management companies) and this is the first time where I feel at home. We have a lot of talent inside the firm and a lot of respect for each other. In my opinion, FT is one of the few firms in the market to recognize that the success of a company relies on its employees. Here they nurture this by fostering strong collaboration between people and encouraging mobility, both geographically or across functions. We put a lot of focus on diversity and I feel that we are achieving that well versus the market.

The culture at FT is one of its major selling points and the trusted relationships we have established with our clients across the years shows that it’s a highly recognized feature.

What makes you excited about working at FT?

Franklin Templeton is a major and respected house within the asset management community. I joined a very exciting part of our business, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which has been growing tremendously in the past few years. It is an honour to be part of the ETF project and to lead our firm into the future. FT has all the ingredients to remain a very successful player: we have a well-respected brand, a global business, amazing talent across the board, a strong understanding of our clients, and a strong ethos.

I’m delighted to have joined FT and I look forward to participating in our next growth phase.