Zachary Leonard

Location: San Mateo

Why is innovation important at FT?

Franklin Templeton has an obligation to provide the best services and products to its various stakeholders, including its clients, shareholders, and surrounding communities. Without innovating new processes, products, tools, etc. in such a competitive industry, the company may not live up to this expectation. I’m proud to work at a company that takes innovation seriously.

What excites you about FT's future?

Two recent developments – a new CEO and the acquisition of Legg Mason – will definitely affect Franklin Templeton’s future. By solidifying its product offerings and streamlining its capabilities, Franklin Templeton will be able to focus on new areas, opening new doors for the business and creating opportunities for employees.

What do you enjoy about being part of a global company?

It would be quite easy to fall into a little bubble if I was not a part of a global company. Working at Franklin Templeton allows me to interact regularly with wonderful colleagues on multiple continents.

Why did you join FT?

I joined Franklin Templeton after networking in-person with a few employees. I was immediately impressed by the company’s collaborative culture and diverse opportunities. At one point I did leave Franklin Templeton to pursue my MBA and was fortunate enough to come back after graduation. I knew that I would be rejoining a great team of intelligent and engaged colleagues and that I could continue to advance my career. Few firms can match FT across the board.