Wale Adedokun

Location: United States

What makes you excited about working at FT?

This may sound cliché, but it’s my colleagues. As someone in manager research, I’ve had the opportunity to visit lots of firms and what makes FT unique is that doors are open. I mean that both literally and metaphorically. As a relatively new joiner to the firm, I’ve spent the last year asking countless questions. Instead of colleagues shutting their doors or pawning me off to others, I continue to marvel at their willingness to go above and beyond to answer questions and provide context on how things are done at FT.

What makes FT unique?

All voices are welcome at FT, regardless of how junior, senior, short or long tenured you are. Many of our competitors have star cultures where only certain voices are heard. At FT, every voice matters and everyone is encouraged to comment and react. Some of the best insights that I’ve heard recently have come from the most junior people on our team. I love working at a place with a culture that values all voices and where people actually listen and engage with every voice.

What do you enjoy about being part of a global company?

Lots of asset managers tout being global and I’ve worked at multiple US based firms that make this claim, but I’ve never worked somewhere where you feel it every single day. Being global is in the DNA of the firm and its palpable as an employee. At FT, I spend my day on calls or Skype messaging colleagues in Canada, London, and Hyderabad every day. I’ve learned about their lives, their food, and more about cricket than I would have imagined, and I feel like I’ve grown personally as a result of the cultural melting pot here.