Swetha Vissapragada

Location: India

What makes you excited about working at FT?

There are many aspects that keep me motivated at work, to list a few - career and learning opportunities, global exposure, inclusive work culture, flexible working hours, work-life balance and an approachable leadership team.

What do you enjoy about being part of a global company?

Being part of a global company gives me an opportunity to work with different people from different regions, allows me to learn about diverse cultures, new ways of working and gain perspectives. Global exposure helps me grow professionally and personally. It provides an opportunity to expand horizons, broaden professional reach and increase my potential on a more significant scale.

What would you tell someone considering a career at FT?

I would say, anyone who is aspiring to work in an organization which provides a good work environment, work life balance, career advancement (vertical / horizontal) opportunities and global exposure should consider exploring an opportunity with FT.

What makes FT unique?

There are so many factors that make FT unique. I personally appreciate the company’s commitment towards formalizing business strategies and looking for innovative ways to reach for better. As an employee, I feel my opinions are valued. The company encourages open lines of communication and ability to work with other leaders across the globe to achieve favorable outcomes. The company allows me the flexibility to reach my professional goals and balance personal needs. Most importantly, I appreciate and value the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are always looking to hire bright and talented people and openly embrace hiring diverse talent.