Souhila Keffi

Location: Singapore

What do you enjoy about being part of a global company?

I am part of cross-cultural team, with one team member sitting in each continent. I work on global or regional projects which give me exposure to a rich and multicultural environment. I see this as a great learning opportunity, both personally and professionally. It fosters creativity, new perspectives and different ways of doing things.

How do you connect with your co-workers in different offices?

We use Skype on a daily basis and make video calls (rather than audio) as much as possible, to get face-to-face interaction and make our meetings more enjoyable. We also use you company's social network (Yammer) to stay connected and to make announcements, share thoughts, pictures or videos. I also get to meet with my colleagues when I travel for work or leisure!

What is FT doing to be innovative?

FT has a strong orientation on providing the best service to clients. That requires to always keep an open mind to new ideas. At FT, everyone is encouraged to question the way things are done, and to take action to help make things better. It doesn’t matter what your title or level is - every voice can be heard.