Nahema Vivo

Location: Mexico

What would you tell someone considering a career at FT?

Franklin Templeton is a world-class company that cares for its people. Employees are supported and guided by their team leaders and co-workers. At Franklin Templeton everybody is willing to help each other, share their knowledge and learn from each other. Such a company culture makes it a great place to work and develop. 

What makes you excited about working at FT?

What excites me the most about working and being part of Franklin Templeton is knowing that my work matters. That what I do has the ability to impact people’s lives positively and that I am part of a company that makes a difference. It feels very rewarding.

What do you enjoy about being part of a global company?

So far my whole experience at FT has been entirely remote. Being able to join a company in these extraordinary circumstances, and doing so seamlessly, speaks volumes of the company’s ability to connect its employees from all around the world. I not only enjoy but love that I get to work with people from different cultures with different ideas, approaches and solutions. Being able to integrate this diversity into my experience has made my work and life richer.