Marissa Bellack

Location: United States

What would you tell someone considering a career at FT?

If someone were to let me know they were applying for a job at FT I would support that decision 100%. Franklin is a great place to have a career whether you’re right out of school, looking for a change of pace, or looking to enhance your knowledge in your current field. There are also so many resources to support your professional growth and development. Not only resources, but there are so many different individuals to advise and mentor you.

What makes Franklin Templeton a great place to work?

Franklin Templeton is a great place to work because of the employees. I do enjoy my job tremendously, but the friendships and people I have met along the way have been even better! There is always someone there to help you, talk with or even grab lunch with.

How do you connect with co-workers in different offices?

I connect with my co-workers in different offices each and every day. My manager works remotely and my co-workers are all across the US so we are constantly on video calls, instant messaging and team meetings. Even though my manager isn’t physically present in the office with me, she is always available to help if I have a question or even just need to talk to someone.

I just transferred to a new position. My new leader was able to work from the St. Petersburg office during my first week to do my training in person, one-on-one. This was such a nice surprise! However, with the help of technology, even though I haven’t met the majority of my team in person, it still feels like we are all in the same office together.