David Huber

Location: Rancho Cordova

What makes Franklin Templeton a great place to work?

It’s the people of Franklin Templeton who make the organization a great place to work. The company provides many opportunities to build relationships, whether it is volunteering with associates through the Involved program or enjoying a barbeque in the courtyard, Franklin Templeton provides opportunities to connect with employees at all levels.

We are also afforded the flexibility to maintain a proper work life balance. Time away from work is encouraged to explore other interests; for example, I was able to earn two degrees through the Tuition Assistance Program

What makes you excited about working at FT?

The challenge of continuous improvement is a very exciting proposition. I am energized each day in knowing that leadership encourages employees to ask questions and test existing methods to ensure that we are producing positive results for our clients. I love that my team is just as passionate about making a valued contribution as I am.

What do you enjoy about being part of a global company?

I am part of a team with employees in four countries. Through virtual meeting tools, we connect on a regular basis. The technology that FT has employed keeps these interactions productive, efficient, and of course there is always time for a little fun! The ability to learn from individuals located in different parts of the country or globe can bring new perspectives on a business matter but I also benefit on a personal level. The firm’s global reach helps me to embrace our diverse world in a very real way.