Barbara Radziwilko

Location: Poland

What makes FT unique?

Definitely open-minded employees who share common values, which in turn makes Franklin Templeton a friendly and respectful workplace. All the people I work with are truly inspiring and talented. I am really impressed how many bottom-up initiatives are being developed in our company, not only social but also business-related. Thanks to them it is easy to build connections, make new friends, feel inclusive and proud.

What do you enjoy about being part of a global company?

I really appreciate the fact that I work in a diverse environment where there’s the opportunity for cultural exchanges. Many projects I am involved in engage people from all around the globe. It provides me an opportunity to learn other customs, cultures, and be up-to-date with international news. Whenever I need to find more information about another country (in regards to a vacation, for example) I can tap into my contacts and their knowledge. There is no better source than a local contact. I also really enjoy exchanging ideas with colleagues from abroad. It gives me new viewpoints which are valuable while working on new projects. The majority of meetings I attend everyday are online, but it doesn’t stop me from making new friends. In fact, it’s even more exciting when we finally meet in person! And lastly, being part of a global organization allows me to master my language skills!

Why did you join FT?

It was a coincidence of good circumstance. I never thought that I would be working in financial services. I knew that Franklin Templeton was growing in Poznan and I heard some good feedback about the company. I gave it a shot and here I am. Franklin Templeton is open and diverse, and I am sure that everyone can find there their own place here.