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When you talk to our employees, you will often hear that it is our corporate culture that helps make Franklin Templeton a great place to work.

We have a diverse employee population working in more than 35 countries. Through enterprise social collaboration tools, we foster a virtual global community where employees can build their personal network through online groups based on similar work, projects or personal interests, while highlighting their skills and areas of expertise. Roundtables, Q&A sessions, sentiment surveys and an open door policy allow team members to share the feedback and ideas.

Employees join discussions, share ideas and post questions regardless of role or location. A wide variety of people, with different interests and perspectives, have candid discussions that help increase overall understanding.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are communities that help to promote inclusion by supporting employees in bringing their full identities to work and gaining a greater sense of shared experience with colleagues. By fostering networking, encouraging collaboration, and by generally promoting diversity and inclusion, BRGs also benefit the company by providing opportunities for employees to develop critical leadership skills and contribute unique insights on key business initiatives and objectives.

Current business resource groups at Franklin Templeton include:

Unites and supports individuals whose lives are impacted by disabilities, including physical, mental, behavioral, and medical disabilities or delays.
The Black Empowerment Network aims to facilitate success of all people of African descent by enriching their professional lives, creating connections, promoting environments that welcome, value and leverage our diversity and contribution to the success of FT.
Goal is to promote an environment for employees who previously served in the military to build personal and professional networking relationships, develop leadership and professional skills, and share information to support veterans where they work and live.
Promotes an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees and allies, aiming to build personal and professional networks; develop leadership and professional skills; and promote and advance change that will help people respect and value differences in personal and professional communities.
Provides a platform to encourage, inspire and support women in their career development at the company.

Some other popular interest-based online communities are Global Green Team, Photography forum, Wellness, Globetrotters (for world travelers), and Fitness.

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